I have been fascinated by what the human body, and my body, can do from a very young age. My experience in training spans 20+ years starting with myself as the experiment. I’ve explored and deep dived into many forms and modalities of training – endurance, strength, sport, function, etc. I’m a certified personal training instructor with the American National Standards Institute. I’ve accumulated over 500+ hours of continuous education and I’ve studied and read countless articles and books. I have also accrued over 6,000 hours of small group instruction.
After an already extensive career I have narrowed my spoke of practice to a simple methodology – “Training for the long run”. I train my clients to maintain and achieve a performance and aesthetic baseline to keep them moving forward happy and healthy. I meet my clients where they are because I understand the journey is emotional as well as physical. I hope to hear from you soon.”

“Life is movement. If you don't move, you die. Choose life” - Eugen Sandow